About Us

Eko Real Estate People is your property encyclopaedia for the hottest, prime and valuable properties (Land & Housing Estate) in and around Lagos State.
 E R E P have proven personnel’s professionally skilled in ensuring verified and confirmed well documented property.
 Our services include supplying brief on property you about to buy and if you care to hire our services we could carry-out detail search on the property in question.

With our privy professionals, we could give you direction on WHERE, WHICH, WHEN and WHAT property to buy.

With our versatility in property Trade; we could furnish you with the going prices of property in all five divisions of Lagos State; IKORODU, BADAGRY, IKEJA, LEKKI, EPE.

E R E P could also furnish you with detail information of all kind of Government Scheme/project such as site and services, direct housing supply, Lumpsum allocation e.t.c that are available for the public in various part of the state.

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